Gutter System Installation Atlanta


Gutters, Smutters…?

While gutter talk may seem boring and dull, taking a moment to understand the importance of your gutter installation system can not only save you time in the long run, but also help prevent future damages, causing you to spend more on home repairs! At Kaleidoscope Paint & Design, we not only specialize in all of your Atlanta house painting projects, but also in the proper installation of all gutter systems. Understanding why your home has gutters to begin with and why taking care of them can help to protect your home is key to maintaining your new Atlanta gutter installation.

Why Are Gutters Important?

Most homeowners do not realize that gutters actually serve many purposes, including the most important- helping to protect against exterior water damage. Water damage can simply be avoided (especially since it is the leading cause in home damages) by making sure your gutters are properly installed by professionals and making sure they are maintained on a regular basis.

Gutters also help to fight against the following:

  • Moisture control by proper roof drainage
  • Prevention of topsoil erosion with helps to protect the foundation of your home
  • Directs water away from doors and windows
  • Protects your landscaping
  • Protects fascia
  • Adds additional overhang to your roofing system for additional protection
  • Prevents back splash on siding and masonry
  • Collects rainwater so it does not settle on your roof
  • Adds aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior

 Check Your Current Gutter Systems For The Following:

The main reason gutters are installed on your home’s exterior is to help keep water from sitting ad causing additional damage. Gutters should carry water approximately 10 feet away from your home after installation. Our gutter installation experts recommend the following procedures to ensure that your gutters are properly working:

  1. Your gutters should have a visible slope.
  2. Your gutters should be placed firmly up against the fascia.
  3. When raining, check the downspouts around your home to ensure water is flowing properly and not over-pouring for the gutter system.
  4. Pay attention to your maintenance to ensure durability throughout the seasons.
  5. If you have trees around your home, consult with our team about using a gutter guard to help prevent clogging and water back up.

If you feel that your current gutter installation system is not meeting the criteria above, contact our installation specialists to receive your FREE estimate. We take pride in ensuring quality control with every project and proudly service the greater Atlanta areas.

 How Long Does It Take To Install My Gutter System?

First, our team will conduct a FREE estimate and evaluation so you can fully understand what is needed and what the estimated cost is before the project begins. After accepting the proposal, our team can get started right away! It usually takes less than a week to properly install your new gutter system. Our team is always available to help answer questions during project build out. We also offer additional support afterwards to ensure quality control with every project we complete.

For additional information regarding your next gutter installation project, contact our specialized team today for your FREE project estimate.