Interior Painting

Your Atlanta Interior Paint Specialists

Whether you want to revamp the current look of your home or spice it up with something new, interior painting is a great solution for every home! There are many avenues you can take to bring out any look you want your home to have with just a few splashes of color here and there. As simple as this may sound, having it done right the first time is vital to saving your time, money, and resources. As professionals in our field for over 10 years, we strive to deliver quality services with the highest customer services for a competitive price at Kaleidoscope Paint & Design! Review below to see why we have what it takes to complete your next Atlanta interior painting project.

Painting Preparation

There are many steps to take when getting ready for a custom painting project. First and foremost, our team ALWAYS prepares your home with the following steps are to make sure your home is fully prepped for the project:

  • Furniture is moved or covered to prevent possible damage
  • Carpet areas are covered with high traffic plastic to avoid possible staining
  • Tile, hardwood, and laminent flooring will be covered as well to avoid possible staining
  • Wall imperfections are professionally corrected to enhance professional appearance and durability of paint being applied
  • All light fixtures in the area of painting will be properly covered and protected

Here are a few photos from our interior preparation:

Project Completion

At Kaleidoscope Paint & Design INC, we are not only known for our exceptional customer service, but more importantly our attention to every detail. After every project, our painting crews fully restores your home the way it was before our project began.

  • All protective coverings are collected and discarded
  • Work areas are fully cleaned
  • All furniture is replaced to where it was at the beginning of the project
  • Full walk through with the home owner to ensure quality and satisfaction

Wallpaper Prep & Removal

Think about your options before you undertake the task of removing your wallpaper. Damage to your walls can cost more to repair than to have a pro do the removal job. If your walls were properly prepped and primed before wallpaper installation then it may be possible to remove the wallpaper without causing damage to your wall surfaces. Without proper wall prep it takes experience and the right knowledge on how to proceed with proper removal.

Wallpaper removal & prepping for paint or decorative paint (faux) finishes is a specialty service that requires a lot of skill and patience. Because of needing special training, we have hired only the best and invested in additional training to ensure the absolute best in quality! For additional information on your wallpaper or removal project, contact our specialists today for your FREE estimate.

Another great benefit to hiring a Kaleidoscope specialists is knowing that we are fully insured. For additional information regarding your next interior painting project, contact our specialists today for your FREE estimate.