Maintenance Pressure Cleaning


Why We Recommend Pressuring Wash Your Home?

As the seasons pass, the exterior of your home has to bear with mother nature on a daily basis. Over time, debris like car exhaust, animal waste, mud and dirt, attaches to the exterior of your home, leaving it dull and dingy looking. As petty as this may sound to some home owners, remaining on top of your maintenance pressure cleanings can actually benefit your home, while making it appear cleaner and more inviting!

Benefits Include:

  • Enhancing your home’s curb appeal
  • Washing away molds and mildew before they have the chance to ruin your home’s exterior walls
  • Washing away debris and lurking residues from your home’s exterior

Don’t Just Hire ANY Company!

If you are like most homeowners, then we understand that your home is one of your largest investments. With that being said, hiring just any one-man crew or non-insured company to pressure wash your home can be devastating to your home’s exterior if they are not experienced. When an inexperienced tech is hired, your home faces possible damages such as stripped paint from using too high of pressure of washing too closely, streaking from improper spraying technique, marring of the wood due to being to close, loss of window efficiency from spraying harsh pressure on windows, and many more! Worst of all, most of these kinds of companies aren’t insured like professional companies are. So in essence, you truly get what you pay for! DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS!

By hiring Kaleidoscope Paint & Design for your routine pressure washes, we guarantee professional results every time. In addition to results you can trust, you can also rest assured because we are fully licensed and insured for every job! Additional reasons our clients hire us every year are:

  • We have been around for over 10 years, so our experience says we’ll be here tomorrow. (The president has over 18 years experience in the industry.)
  • We have the knowledge of proper pressure washing skills and technique. Many others have misconceptions about the process which takes place, which could potentially damage the siding of your home OR the surface of your deck.
  • It’s not that other pressure washers are bad, it’s that they lack the knowledge which we have gained, separating us from the rest.

Kaleidoscope Paint & Design Vs. Them

The problem with many other companies is not lack of ability, it’s a lack of knowledge. Whether that knowledge be what chemical to use, how much chemical to use, using too much pressure OR even how far away OR close to spray your home can definitely have lasting effects on the result of your washing. After many years of experience, we have come to terms with the truth of proper cleaning techniques so that your home receives the safest and most effective wash that will last year round! First let’s take a look at the common myth that most common technicians still use today. The myth of pressure washing is that you have to use a lot of pressure to clean your home. The truth is that you only use pressure to distribute water and chemical. Because of this method, our professional technicians utilize the method of Soft Washing instead of the standard Hard Pressure Washing technique you commonly seem amongst companies and technicians.

Why we use soft wash instead of hard:

  • Using high pressure to wash your home can be dangerous to both the surface of your home and the person using the machinery.
  • High pressure is truly only effective on harder surfaces such as brick and concrete. Using it on softer surfaces can lead to costly repairs due to damage.
  • Soft Pressure allows us to utilize our solutions to do the hard work and then rinsed once complete.

In addition to using a safer method for cleaning, we also take pride in using biodegradable solutions so that all the natural vegetation you have surrounding your home is protected.

For more information on our soft wash methods, solutions, or to schedule your next maintenance wash, contact your Kaleidoscope specialist today! We look forward to servicing you and your home for many years to come!


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